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Tik Tok: Is It Worth All The Hype?

It happened. I downloaded Tik Tok.

I wouldn’t say I caved. I was definitely close to downloading this app in the past. But, I tried to keep it off my phone because I knew I would spend way too much time mindlessly watching these short videos. However, my homework for this week was to pick a social media account I had never used before. Given its popularity these days, I knew it had to be Tik Tok.

Initial Thoughts

To start, I wanted to keep an open mind about this app. I heard some good things about this platform but also some… not very good things. I scroll Instagram quite a bit and have seen a fair few Tik Toks on there, as well as being sent many videos to watch from friends and family. So I went in with unbiased thoughts. Here I go!

After downloading the app, I watched a few videos, but only spent about 5 minutes testing it out. I didn’t open the app again until I could really take some time to experiment. It wasn’t until the weekend that I tried it out. And… I fell down that Tik Tok rabbit hole so fast when I found the teacher videos. And the animal videos. And the cooking videos. Some Tik Toks were funny while others were helpful and informative. Of course, I did see some very questionable videos as well.

The Positives and the Negatives



Thankfully, Tik Tok removed all videos with the phrase “milk crate”, but they are still available to watch on Youtube

Tik Tok In The classroom

Will I keep using Tik Tok?

I think this app will stay on my phone, but I don’t see it becoming one of my routine social media apps like Instagram , Snapchat, or Facebook. Tik Tok seems like an app that you can’t just scroll for a couple minutes without falling into a time loop. I know I need to be careful with this app and I find myself already on my phone way too much.

I have only let myself open this app once a day, so you can see how much time I have spent in one sitting on this app this weekend.

Have you caved and downloaded Tik Tok yet? Let me know what you think about this social media platform!


3 thoughts on “Tik Tok: Is It Worth All The Hype?

  1. Megan, I really like how you laid out your post as it made it really easy to follow, and smooth to read. Although I am not a TikTok user myself, I do like how you put your top three pros and cons. This made it manageable for me to understand and I felt a lot less overwhelmed. I’m glad that you have already learned a lot from this social media platform and can use it as an escape from everyday life. I do have to say that those challenges are annoying to me, especially because many of them either put people in harm’s way or cost other people a ton of money for stupid trends. I do see merit in keeping it on your phone as a way to escape for a short period of time.


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