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Learning Project- Week #2

Week #2! Here is what happened:

  • Tech of the week: Ring Fit Adventure
  • Fitness goal of the week: Work out for 3 days during the work week
  • Healthy Habit of the week: Pack healthier lunches!

Tech of the week: Ring Fit Adventure

Are you a gamer? Do you want to exercise while playing a video game? Keep reading!

Fitness goal of the week: Work out 3 days during the work week

How did it go?

Tuesday: The first day was a breeze! I had fallen asleep early after a very busy day so waking up was pretty easy. I only had time to work out for 30 minutes (after taking too much time drinking a coffee), but it was better than nothing! I did a level on Ring Fit Adventure and they made me do many squats and ab workouts. I felt energized and ready for the day!

Wednesday: I was much more tired and sore Wednesday morning. Wow! I guess that’s what happens when you stop strength training for a few months. I took this as a good thing and knew that Ring Fit was working, so I tried it out again today. (Thankfully, the level today had way less squats than yesterday).

Thursday: My last day of the week was much like the day before, but I was less sore.

I haven’t stepped on the scale yet since my goal isn’t to lose weight, but to maintain where I am and build muscle. So I’m not sure how much progress I have made, but knowing I was sore means something was happening! I’m also happy to report that I felt much more energized during the day when I worked out in the morning. I feel happier, more motivated and ready to take on my middle schoolers! I also find it easier to stick to a healthy diet knowing my morning started in a healthy way. This is what I hoped to achieve! Lifestyle habits that I can maintain and that change my daily life for the better!

Healthy Habit of the Week: Packing Healthier Lunches

How did it go?

When I went grocery shopping, I made sure to buy enough healthy snacks for the week. I was able to pack a healthy sandwich, celery, cucumbers, hummus, a pear, a hard boiled egg, and one unhealthy snack ( I have a sweet tooth; it’s called balance!)

One time last year, we even had Dandy’s!

I find it easy to pack a healthy lunch for the day when I’m in the mood to eat all the good food. Since it’s the only food I have, I know I will eat it when I’m hungry at work. But I struggle ignoring the staffroom table. Now that we have recess breaks, I also find myself snacking more than usual. I think I need to keep working on this next week since I spend most of my day at school. I plan on packing the same type of snacks, as well as a healthy lunch. However, I really need to limit myself to the staffroom table and snack less during recess breaks.

To summarize, my first week working out in the mornings went well. It wasn’t as difficult to wake up at 5:45am than I thought it would be. I plan on keeping the same healthy habit goal of packing a healthy lunch and limiting my walks to the staffroom for snacks. I will also continue reading more, as well as working out 3 days during the work week, with a few changes to my exercises.

Have you made any healthy changes to your day this week? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Learning Project- Week #2

  1. Great post! Glad your fitness journey is going well! Looking forward to the continued journey throughout this class! I know the feeling about staffrooms full of unhealthy snacks all the time! All too tempting!


  2. Great post. I love the structure of “goals for the week” and the report on “how it went.” I like the 15 minutes of reading each night – just for fun. Are you just going to keep adding something new to accumulate a list of goals over teh project? Or are you planning to enhance your overall well-being by trying a varitey of avenues to keep fit. Best wishes on your wellness journey, Megan.


    1. Thanks, Brenda! Over the past couple of months, I’ve definitely stopped being as healthy as I want to. With this project, I want to learn and maintain enough habits to help me feel better, but I don’t want to take on too many at once. If I do that, I’ll be very unmotivated when it’s too much. This means I am hoping to keep adding on new habits when I can. I have my fitness routine down so I’ll keep it similar but I want to keep adding to my eating habits!


  3. Wow! This post was great. Yes, I too love the cinnamon buns from Green Spot. They are a must-try. I also think that the staffroom is the greatest and worst place. Some days, I crave just a little something extra to get me through those long days. Then instantly, I think… Kelly… I don’t think you needed that, but before I can even finish the thought I seem to have another treat in hand. The past couple COVID teaching years have been tricky. I don’t eat or drink in the classroom usually as I don’t want to take my mask off in front of all of my kiddos (yes, I teach at an age where all are unvaxxed), so by the time I get to the staffroom I am thirsty and hungry. Probably more thirsty than hungry, but think I need food. So I can see where you are coming from there. I appreciate how you used this project for health and wellness as I think that is something that gets pushed off the busier we get. I appreciated reading your post!


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