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Learning Project: Week #3 and #4

Hello! Here’s a mini update of what happened in week #3. I did not change much from the previous week, as I found it to be working well. I continued waking up at 5:45 to do some RingFit Adventure. I also continued to pack healthy meals and was able to stay away from the staffroom table a bit more! I even said no to a cinnamon bun! There were also less yummy snacks ( except for those donuts on Friday (but I only had half of one!) I definitely didn’t read as much (since I wake up so early, I tend to go to bed earlier), but I still try and read at least 15 minutes every night when I have time.

Now onto week #4! I decided to change it up a bit!

  • Tech of the week: Nike Run Club
  • Fitness Habit of the week: Yoga
  • Healthy Habit of the week: Less coffee creamer!

Tech of the week: Nike Run Club

Nike Run is a simple app. It tracks your kilometers as you run. You are able to set a distance or a time, add some music, and receive badges when you complete milestones. You can also join communities and challenges, as well as read articles about fitness and health . The simple features has allowed me to keep track of my runs since 2015 in a way that keeps me coming back to this app. If you’re someone who runs outside, definitely check it out!

Fitness Habit of the week: Yoga

I am not someone who does yoga regularly. I went to a few classes of cat yoga, but I can count on 2 hands the amount of times I have done yoga in my entire life. However, during and after doing yoga, I always feel calm and relaxed. I just never take the time in my schedule to do it on my own time.

How did it go?

I am definitely not the most supple or graceful person, but I knew that I could take it easy and do what felt the best for me. We did many downward dogs, inhaling and exhaling, as well as some great stretches. I’m not sure if I will ever do yoga by myself at home, but I really like the one hour weekly session so I’ll definitely be going again next week!

Healthy Habit of the week: Less creamer in my coffee

I am an avid coffee drinker. It’s one of the first things I think of when I wake up and one of the first things I do when I get home from work. On Mondays, I might even bring a coffee to school. It is my key to survival some days!

Lots of sugar, with not much nutritional value

How did it go?

This week, I wanted to try and cut back on the creamer in my coffee. I rarely go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop. I frequent them maybe once a month, so I did not count the calories in those drinks, only the coffee I drink at home. Before this week, I would simply just pour until it was the right colour. On the left is my coffee that I am used to (about 2-3 tbsp.) On the right is my coffee with 1 tbsp. of creamer. It doesn’t look too different, until you think of the calories. This is why it’s important to measure! And honestly? The taste of the coffee on the right was a bit more bitter, but I adjusted quickly.

If I used to drink 2-3 tbsp. of creamer per coffee, 2 coffees per day, that’s an average of about 140-210 calories of creamer per day. That’s an average of around 980-1,470 calories a week. Just from my creamer!

This week, I drank 1 tbsp. of creamer per coffee which is 70-80 calories a day, depending on the creamer I use. This means I drank about 490-560 calories of coffee creamer this week. I cut my calories by more than half. Now I know for those black coffee drinkers, this might still seem like a lot, but it’s progress! I will continue with 1tbsp for another week and see if I can keep cutting back on the creamer. I might even try a creamer with less calories and sugar. Do you have any suggestions?

Week #4 went well! I am happy with routine I have for working out and am making changes to my eating habits. However, I think I still have some work to do with evening snacking. That might be my next goal. Any tips for reducing snacking? Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Learning Project: Week #3 and #4

  1. Megan! The fact that your learning project is a three-pronged approach is very neat to keep track of – nice work. I love nike run club, especially how the programs are set up, and I find it works very well with my apple watch which is convenient. If you’re looking for different yoga – Yoga with Adriene is on YouTube and it’s awesome and very beginner-friendly which makes it much more accessible. I found when I was cutting calories I did better with a sugar free coffee syrup (they have tons at winners/homesense/marshalls) and half & half or milk. For some reason I was using less of everything than the creamer mix, which I am hooked back on because they have pumpkin spice creamer now?! Anyway, great post!


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