Learning Projet- Week #5 and #6

Hello! I haven’t changed very much since weeks #3 and #4, but I still wanted to talk about a few things that have been on my mind. I find myself in a great spot when it comes to exercising this far into my learning project. The weather has been great to run every weekend. I even found myself running a 5k last Wednesday after school and I beat my personal best! I have also found some videos to work out on Youtube that have been kicking my butt! However, this update will be moreso a space for me to explain what I want to do with the rest of the time I have for this project. Since I am happy with my exercise routine, I want to focus more on my eating habits.

  • Tech/Fitness Habit of the Week: Youtube Work Out Videos
  • Healthy Habit of the Week: Learn More About Having a Healthy Relationship with Food

Tech/Fitness Habit of the Week: Youtube Work Out Videos

Healthy Habit of the Week: Learn More About Having a Healthy Relationship With Food

I have always struggled with having a healthy relationship with food. When I was young, I didn’t try and eat healthy and really just ate whatever I wanted. As a child, it is important to not think about calories so you can grow up having a healthy relationship with food, but I still didn’t even try to understand or care what I was putting in my body. A couple decades later, and after losing 50lbs, I find myself still learning and still struggling how to treat food in a positive way.

I took a bit of time to do some research and listen to some podcasts, but I want to dive deeper into articles and podcasts in the next few weeks. Do you have any recommendations for podcasts or articles about maintaining a healthy relationship with food?

A Healthy Relationship with Food

My Relationship with Food

Food is probably the most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle for me. Before I lost weight, I would simply eat as a way to cope with stress, eat out of boredom, and eat too much in fear of missing out on delicious food. It was hard to distinguish if I was actually hungry because I would eat even when I wasn’t hungry.

Today, I still struggle with my relationship with food, but I can tell I have had huge progress over the past year. My snacks are now way healthier, eating fruits and vegetables, and I eat my cravings in moderation. I have a big sweet tooth so I make sure to have something sweet every day so the craving goes away. I can also tell I need more calories on the days I work out vs. my rest days which is a start in the direction of intuitive eating, which is a big goal of mine.

I really wanted to try this new donut from The Everyday Kitchen this weekend, so I made sure to get one as to not restrict my craving!

I still find myself slipping with maintaining a healthy relationship with food many days of the week. For the next couple of weeks, I will focus on my habit of snacking at night, which is my biggest fight right now. I tend to eat because I am bored or the fear of missing out on good food. Then I feel full and upset that I ate so much. I know a simple way to make sure I don’t snack at night is to track my calories. But I don’t think counting calories will bring me in the right path to maintaining a good relationship with food. I think I will simply obsess over them or not eat enough during the day so I can eat more at night. I know counting calories works for many people, but for me, I don’t want to find myself not eating enough during the day just so I can binge eat at night.

Here are some things I would like to do in the evening so I eat do not eat all of my calories at night:

  • Eat more during the day, especially at supper
  • Do not restrict food during the day ( eat my cravings when I have them)
  • Keep busy with hobbies such as reading, painting, and video games so I don’t watch tv and eat mindlessly
  • Eat one snack during the evening at about 8:30pm ( this will help me not eat too much when I try and not eat anything
  • Eat my snack while not watching tv or scrolling on my phone
  • Make sure that my snack is healthy ( cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and less sugary snacks)
  • Drink more tea and water to make sure I’m hydrated

If I can change my way of thinking during the evening for a couple of weeks and follow this list, I think I will be able to combat the urge to eat my whole snack cupboard in one sitting.

I know this is risky to start this on Halloween weekend, but I really want to try and have a better relationship with food. I actually think this might be the best time to start, to see if I can enjoy Halloween by eating candy but by not eating too much in fear of missing out.

These treats are still unopened after buying them two weeks ago! I’m happy that I was able to keep them in my house and not eat them in fear of trying them all before I give them to trick or treaters

Are you a snacker? What do you do to scare off that snacky feeling in the evening?

3 thoughts on “Learning Projet- Week #5 and #6

  1. Great and interesting post, Megan. We are both on the same type of journey and I think we are sharing some of the same successes and challenges. I’m definitely going to check out some of your workout youtube recommendations. I find that I get bored with the same workouts after a couple months. I am really enjoying the ones I have found on youtube, but I know it won’t last forever. I bought a kettle bell today so I can start incorporating it as part of my routine. Now that the snow has hit the ground, my running will slow down – which really disappoints me as I have been loving it lately.

    I identify with much of your food challenges. My biggest problem is binge snacking at night. I went hard at the start of my journey in cutting snacking out. Now that I am down about 11 pounds, I have become less strict and am allowing myself to snack – I have a sweet tooth too so Halloween was a challenge. I think you are right by allowing yourself some of those foods that you enjoy, but moderation is the key. That is where calorie counting has really helped me, but it isn’t for everyone. The next step for me is to go a week without counting to see if I can moderate my portion control on my own.

    I think you have some good steps on place to help with your snacking at night. Remember that this is a process and takes time. Good luck going forward!

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  2. What a great realization to have. Knowing what your triggers are and what some of your weaknesses are is important to achieving a goal. Starting small is starting, and it looks like you have been doing a lot of learning and changing. I think too often people including myself struggle with creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with food. I feel like when life gets busy, I put myself last, and often my food habits reflect that. This blog was a great reminder of some of the things that I need to remember and take more time to do.

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