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Learning Project- Weeks #7,8,9

I am almost at the end of my learning project! I am happy with my progress and I really think this has helped me keep accountable! However, I would still like really like to work on having a better relationship with food before this class ends. I am a bit disappointed with weeks #7,8,9, but I need to remind myself that there will always be bumps in the road and that doesn’t mean it’s over. Here is what happened in the last 3 weeks and what I want to focus on for the last bit of my learning project.

  • Fitness Gear: Weighted Hula Hoop
  • Fitness Habit: Running In The Snow!
  • Health Habit: Keep Working On Building A Healthier Relationship With Food

Fitness Habit: Running In The Snow!

It is very obvious here when I started running again!

Fitness Gear: Weighted Hula Hoop

Health Habit: Keep Working On Building A Healthier Relationship With Food.

I am disappointed with how I have been doing when it comes to having a healthier relationship with food. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, some very tiring days, and cold weather. This adds up to me not trying enough to stop my snacking at night or being as active as I should, but still eating the same. (My Fitbit Steps suffered severely due to this blizzard). I am happy that most days, I am eating only one snack in the evening. Is it healthy? Not really. Cereal, ice cream, cookies… Some days, I am eating more during the day, but I will still find myself snacking at night. So… what’s next? What can I do to really push myself to try and have a healthier relationship with food?

I rarely eat out and I always try and not worry about calories when I do so. That way, I can really enjoy it and not feel guilty!

I have been at a consistent weight for about 6 months now so I am pleased with this sign that my relationship with food isn’t taking any steps back. I hope this means that I can keep those 50lbs I lost off for good. However, I still have moments in the day where I feel like I ate way too much or had too many unhealthy snacks and I feel guilty, even though I am not gaining any weight. I think I simply have a fear that if I do fall into a habit of mindlessly eating, I will gain all the weight back I tried so hard to lose. I really want to get over this mindset, so I have some ideas I would like to try before I begin intuitive eating:

For the rest of my learning project, I will keep up my exercise routine, be brave enough to run in the snow, and find a way that works for me to have a healthy relationship with food. I will have one final update to let you know how it went!


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