Summary of Learning- EC&I 831

As someone who spends lots of time finding ways to incorporate games into the classroom, I thought “What better way to summarize my own learning?” After reflecting on the course EC&I 831, I am delighted to have been able to experience and learn more about social media and open education.

Why a Board Game?

My classmate, Brittney, and I decided to take up the challenge of finding a board game creator online. With the use of technology in this course, having done it remotely over zoom all semester, we thought it would be ideal to find a way for our classmates to be able to play the game as well. They would be able to reflect on their learnings, be tested on their knowledge, as well as have some fun challenging each other to win by seeing who knows this course best!

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The Creation of Our Game

How to Play

Our game is pretty classic, with a die, tokens, and coloured spaces to land on that correspond with the two decks of cards. The blue cards are Open-Ended questions for those playing to be able to reflect on their own learning. The red cards are Close-Ended questions that have more structured answers. Of course, we added purple spaces to ” Take a Break!” Players take turns rolling the die, landing on squares, and answering questions. If a player answers a question incorrectly, they must go back. If the player answers correctly, they stay on that square. The first person to the end wins!

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Video Demonstration


7 thoughts on “Summary of Learning- EC&I 831

  1. This looks great! I like the idea of doing something different to show your learning. I also like how you included all of the necessary pieces to the board game, like the rules, an example, and the board itself. This is really neat! I also like the idea of rolling the dice. Thanks again for sharing this with us! Good luck in the rest of your program!

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  2. Wow! This is very cool and creative, Megan! I love how the content and various things we took away from this course can be utilized in a unique way that also connects to my competitive edge.. I am very keen to play!!

    Thanks for sharing and I really like how creative your summary was, but also the deeper level thinking that went into process. Well done!


  3. The game really put us on the spot with some of the facts from class! A little panic set in in our group haha. Great game! Very creative way of creating a Summary of Learning! Thanks for sharing!


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