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Major Learning Project-Summary

Here we are! After 10 weeks, this is the final update of my learning project. I spent these last weeks learning, exploring, motivating, and challenging myself to build a healthy lifestyle I could maintain. In this final post, I will be explaining where I started, a summary of every week, my successes, and my… flops. I also want to explain how I feel now, after my project, and what I hope to continue doing even after this is course is over.

Where I Started

Summary of Every Week

My Successes

Fitness Habits

I am happy to say that I started my journey not doing any other exercise besides running and after getting into a habit of only working out 2 days a week since I was so busy with teaching at the beginning of the year. I was able to learn and do new exercises consistently! I worked out 3-4 times every week, waking up at 5:30am as well as doing yoga once a week. I also kept running every weekend even in the snow and hit some pretty big running milestones. (my fastest 5km and 2500km in total!)

Healthy/Food Habits

With this project, I started reading more before bed and was able to keep pretty consistent with that. I am happy to find myself making small, but meaningful changes. The lunches I pack daily are still healthy and I am accustomed to less creamer in my coffee. I walk around more during my supervision and I am participation in Physical Education with my students when possible. This project has also helped me lean towards healthier snacks. (I am now craving fruit and vegetables!) I am happy with how I felt counting calories and how it helped me stay on track during the last week. These changes have definitely given me more energy and happiness in my daily life.

What I Wish Would Have Went Better

Even though I am happy with the workout part of my learning project, I am disappointed that I am not further in developing a better relationship with food. From staffroom snacks to snacking at night, I didn’t succeed as much as I would have liked in this area. Even though I maintained my weight throughout this entire project ( a great key to knowing you have a healthy relationship with food!), I still feel guilt, worries, and snacking temptations most days. Calorie counting helped me not feel guilty eating when I was hungry, especially on days I worked out quite a bit, but I wish I would have developed a better relationship with food before the end of this project.

What’s Next?

Even though this learning project is over, I know that this is a lifestyle choice I want to keep up for well.. hopefully, my whole life! I need to keep working on this every day! I will keep my routine of working out 3-4 times a week and running on the weekends. I also need to buy warmer running gear! I know I have this down and this will be easy to keep up. I am already thinking of what I can accomplish next year. (A half marathon might be on my plate!)

For the food part of this project, I am going to keep counting calories until I feel like I can fuel my body with what it needs on my own. I will keep looking into intuitive eating as well. I will continue my small changes ( healthy lunches, less creamer, less snacking in the staffroom, etc).

I bought a bullet journal last week and this is my goal for the new year. For the next month, I will do research and get ideas of how I want to set up my journal. Then, I will write and draw out January 2022 in my journal during the holidays. On January 1st, I will challenge my creative side and focus on setting healthy lifestyle goals. I will write them and check them off in my journal to feel that sense of accomplishment every day. I am really excited!

I want to thank everyone who followed along, left comments, made suggestions, and motivated me the past 3 months. In all, I am very pleased with how my learning project went, especially the fitness side of it and its consistency. As for my food habits, I know that I need to keep working on this, but I already have plans set in stone for this that I am looking forward to trying! (Hello, bullet journal!) I don’t think I would have been able to keep myself accountable, keep consistent with exercising, and really get into developing a better relationship with food without the push to blog and learn new ideas during this project. It definitely helped me become a better version of myself.

Thank you for all your support!


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