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Major Project- Instagram

This app is by far the one I used the least during my major project. At first, I wasn’t going to include it in my major project since it didn’t exactly go the way I planned. However, Instagram is a platform I scroll the most on my personal account ( Tik Tok is probably going to beat it soon). It’s also an app I have used since 2014. With that being said, even though I wasn’t able to use it as much as I wanted to for my major project, I still want to include it.

Here is the breakdown for this post on Instagram:

  • General Overview
  • Help Centre
  • How I used Instagram during my major project
  • Educational value and usage
  • My Final Thoughts

General Overview

Instagram was first created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. At first, Instagram was known for its simple interface of squared photos. Since then, Instagram has added better pixels, messaging, stories, shopping, and reels. Instagram allows you to post and edit pictures, share stories of what you are doing at that moment, and reels (a bit like Tik Tok). You can also find out what your favorite celebrities are up to at the time.

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Help Centre

I really appreciated Instagram’s Help Centre. It has everything you need to know to use this app correctly and safely. Here are some categories I found myself reading over carefully.

Instagram Features

This category has everything you need to know about Instagram’s features. From your profile, to direct messaging, lives, reels, and even shopping. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming! They have a question and an answer for EVERYTHING (which is super helpful!)

Manage your account

This category allows you to adjust your settings, add some accessibility, add a time limit, and make sure your account is how you want it to be!

Privacy, Safety, and Security

Instagram has a great variety of subjects for this category. Instagram has been known for causing body image issues among young people, as well as promoting some unhealthy ways of living. They make sure to explain how to set your account to private. They also have a topic on staying safe like being authentic, how to share photos safely, and how to deal with conflicts and cyberbullying.

I was impressed to see that they also had a category about self-harm, eating disorders, and negative body image.

Policies and Reporting

Their policies and reporting were equally as impressive as everything else in their help center. Here are a few key points:

  • How to report someone
  • Impersonating
  • Reducing the spread of false information (!!)
  • Be a good person in the Instagram community
  • The data they collect and use from you
  • Terms of use

How I used Instagram During my Major Project

This section may be a bit short. I tried to find the motivation in me to post, but I had no ideas and I kept forgetting ( I guess Tik Tok was the star of the social media apps during this project). I made an account similar to my Tik Tok account where I posted about my hobby and love of reading.

Most of the time, I was simply adding the Tik Toks I made to my reels on Instagram. I added a couple of picture posts and two stories. But that was it. I didn’t even try to follow that many people. I think the reason for my insufficient use of this account was that I already had a personal account that was 12 years old, and whenever I would want to scroll, I chose that one. I didn’t want to suddenly make that account public in case my students saw. So I made a new account and barely used it. ( I only followed 14 people and didn’t get a single follower. I did get some likes though!)

Educational Value and Usage

Like Tik Tok, I don’t think there will be a time that I use Instagram in my classroom. Since I teach young students, I don’t want to encourage using social media in the classroom, especially knowing how troublesome Instagram can be for young teens. It would be a great app to dive into when talking about being digitally literate, as well as false information. Other than that, I think Instagram is slowly dying out and is not used by young kids anymore. It’s definitely more of a millennial social media app.

My Final Thoughts

Instagram will always hold a special place in my heart. I will still check this app a few times daily, however, I don’t see the value of using it in the classroom. I appreciate the fact that this app has a wonderful and easily accessible help center so everyone may use this platform safely. I am a bit upset that I didn’t spend more time using this app during my major project. Perhaps Tik Tok is taking over my Instagram scrolling! ( Will I ever admit this in person?).

Do you still use Instagram?


3 thoughts on “Major Project- Instagram

  1. Thanks for your well-thought-out post about Instagram. I too like Instagram for observing and aimlessly scrolling through, but I can’t really see the value of it in the classroom (or at least where I am at right now in my teaching). There are a lot of great features, and I can see it for the business side of things, but for the educational side, I too feel as if it doesn’t really work out. Maybe I am wrong, and I probably very well could be. Thanks again for the post.

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  2. I appreciate where you are coming from the perspective of finding Instagram difficult to use in an educational setting. I have used it in the classroom before and it went really well… students know how to navigate the app so the editing and posting came easy to them. We used it as a digital portfolio of sorts and it was successful. Students were also given the option to remain offline and do the work in a closed division site or with good ole pen and paper. It can be challenging, especially depending on the age group. My 7&8s did really well, but we also have 1:1 devices and are very fortunate in that regard. ECI831 is a great class for working towards integrating social media into pedagogy if you haven’t already taken the course!

    Great major project and reflection! Tiktok is very addictive to us as adults so I can’t imagine how young people manage using the app as well.

    Pleasure working alongside you this semester!


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