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My Life With Technology

First post for EC&I 830! I love starting off these courses with a reflection on one of the biggest impacts on my life: technology. I want to break this post into 3 categories:

  1. My morning with technology
  2. My work-life and technology
  3. My evening with technology

I want to go through the day and explain how I use technology for social media, downtime, communication, work, and everything in between!

My Morning with Technology

Like a lot of people these days, my phone alarm wakes me up every weekday morning. And what do I do first? Check my social media apps for 5 to 10 minutes, trying to find the courage to face the day. I usually check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see any news that I missed while sleeping. Then, I spend some time watching videos while I get ready, playing Wordle when I eat breakfast, and checking the weather to see what I should wear. And that’s all in a span of one hour! After that, it’s out the door! Sometimes I’ll also plug in my phone to listen to music on my drive to work.

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My Work-Life and Technology

A lot of our job as teachers is spent using technology. From photocopying, taking attendance, grading, and using it for resources, I spend quite a bit of my workday on my computer planning, communicating, and using it in the classroom.


The first thing I do when I walk into my classroom is set up my computer, check and respond to emails and then get my tabs ready for the day. I feel very grateful to have been given a laptop by my school division. My school uses Edsby to communicate with parents and with staff throughout the day. Parents let me know if their child has an appointment, is absent, or needs to be picked up early. It has definitely made it easier for my admin assistant so she doesn’t have to call every student that is absent. Of course, there are downsides since parents can communicate a little too easily, but in general, the pros outweigh the cons.

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Teaching with Technology

In my classroom, we are lucky enough to have 17 laptops to use for projects and research. They come in handy when I want to assign an inquiry project or to be able to use a variety of different tools to make presentations, play revision games like Quizizz or Blooket, or to learn and practice new concepts. Some of my students are very tech-savvy and are able to really show their creative side using technology. (We are about to make podcasts using AnchorFM!

I also use my projector quite a bit in my classroom. I find myself showing videos, projecting work on screen to show what to do, and using my document camera during read-alouds. We can read articles together, play Wordle, and it can be easier to type while my students take notes. I also like to use my computer to Google any question I receive. I have the opportunity to quickly search and answer any questions my students ask. (And there are a lot of those during the day.)

And finally, the lesson plans. The amount of time I spend on sites, buying and reading lesson ideas, and even creating my own resources is one of the biggest benefits of technology in my life. Imagine having to make everything up that is educational but also fun and engaging? We don’t have time for that! I have found so many ideas on the internet. There are some creative teachers out there with great lessons that no textbook can ever teach.

Grading and Report Cards

I remember watching my teachers use paper and pens and calculators to grade and write comments. Now, I appreciate having a grading system online that takes a lot of hours off of these tasks. Bonus points that parents and guardians can see marks right away! Having my marks in one place makes it easier to see how my students are doing in every subject.

My Evening With Technology

After a long day of teaching. I usually spend a good 20 minutes scrolling on my phone ( usually TikTok) when I get home from work. Then I make supper, usually using a recipe I found online. After, I get in touch with family and friends by Facebook Messenger, texting, and calling. I spend quite a few evenings every week taking a class by zoom or doing homework on my computer. If I’m not working on school, I like to watch tv, play video games, or listen to music while I go for a walk. Even when I exercise, I’m watching workout videos, listening to music, or tracking my runs with my phone. I am trying really hard to spend 30 minutes before bed reading instead of going on my phone. This usually works, but I still find myself picking up my phone right before I close my eyes.

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Final Thoughts

I spend a lot of my waking moments using technology. At times, it can be super draining and I find myself wanting to put my device down, but it’s difficult when most of my life includes using so much technology.

Now for the fun part: this is how much time I spend on my phone this week ( this doesn’t even count any school or teacher work which is done on my computer). I do like to scroll mindlessly, but I also like using my phone to look for recipes, translate words for my students, and keep up to date with the world. Using my phone isn’t always a bad thing and half the time, it’s being used as a tool, but sometimes I wish I could disconnect for a day.

My screen time varies, depending on my free time

My job has also become much easier due to technology. I honestly don’t know how I could have taught without quick access to videos, lessons, resources, and allowing my students to use technology in the classroom for projects and to improve their tech skills for the future which they will most definitely need to succeed.

Do you find your day to be bombarded by technology? Do you ever feel the need to escape and disconnect?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “My Life With Technology

  1. Hey Megan,

    I didn’t even think to check my screen time report! You are so smart. Right now, my daily average is at 3h 23 min (up 60% from last week!). Crazy to think how much time we spend on our phone.

    There are 100% times when I realize I have been blankly scrolling on my phone and I need to put it down. But there are also times I am just itching to pick it up to check the latest on social media, the weather, or emails. I find I have to hide my phone in the drawer at work (when on prep) sometimes (on silent) just to stay on task for a long period of time!

    It’s very interesting our reliance and addiction to these devices!


  2. Megan,
    Thanks for sharing about your day in life using technology, and believe me it’s almost the same with everyone. We are so much involved and dependent on technology. No doubt, technology is making our lives easy and entertaining. From my past course, I have observed that my screen time has increased, it’s like 5 hours a day(excluding, browsing, and using tech during work); it’s only because I want to learn and observe many new things happening around us every day. And, yes sometimes I feel like running away from my phone because waking up using my phone and sleeping after scrolling all the social media sites is overtaking my personal life.


  3. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the great insights into your technology use. I always dread getting my weekly report, even though I know my total adds up because I fall asleep listening to a meditation app. Technology, as you show, is such a mixed bag – I also can’t imagine teaching in the days BEFORE technology, but on the other hand, I just want to disconnect sometimes. Three years ago I attended a week-long retreat where they TAKE your phone from you for the duration of your stay. Initially, it seemed overwhelming (especially with two little people at home), but by the end of the week, I didn’t even want my phone. It slowly crept back into my life, but I still try to take one phone-free day a week. Easier said than done!


  4. Your blog looks great, like always! After trying to respond to so many blog posts, I have finally got down to the M’s. So I apologize for not responding sooner, as I usually am super punctual with this kind of stuff. But I just have to say that I so appreciate that your theme or ‘read more’ blocks are in place. It makes finding your posts so easy, and quick to respond to. So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

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