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Major Project Update- Final Post

After spending the past 4 months finding the courage to post Tik Toks, I am ready to finish this major project! For EC&I832, I chose to try out 4 apps: Tik Tok, Instagram, Padlet, and Quizizz. Please check out my 3 updates to see what happened during this project before reading the rest of myContinue reading “Major Project Update- Final Post”

Major Project Update #3- Educational Apps

The past two weeks, I have had the chance to try 2 educational apps. In my final major project update (which will be posted in about two weeks), I will talk more about the deep dive I am taking with these apps. For now, I want to briefly touch on the apps I tested outContinue reading “Major Project Update #3- Educational Apps”

Major Project Update #1- The Elements of Digital Citizenship and TikTok

My first go at using TikTok wasn’t until Fall 2021 when I explored the app for EC&I 831. I didn’t want to download it beforehand since I knew I would become a daily TikTok scroller. My post from last fall, explaining the pros and cons of TikTok definitely wasn’t the end of my time onContinue reading “Major Project Update #1- The Elements of Digital Citizenship and TikTok”

Major Learning Project- Introduction

When I was given the choices for our Major Learning Project, I immediately knew which one I wanted to pursue during the duration of EC&I 832. I came into my teaching career pretty recently so I have always had access to technology to help me teach. I have also only taught middle school, which isContinue reading “Major Learning Project- Introduction”