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Major Learning Project-Summary

Here we are! After 10 weeks, this is the final update of my learning project. I spent these last weeks learning, exploring, motivating, and challenging myself to build a healthy lifestyle I could maintain. In this final post, I will be explaining where I started, a summary of every week, my successes, and my… flops.Continue reading “Major Learning Project-Summary”


Learning Project- Week #10

I made it to the last week of my project of learning how to maintain healthy life! This update will be short since it was only one week, but I will have one more post summarizing my journey and what I have planned to continue my project even after the course is finished. Here isContinue reading “Learning Project- Week #10”

Summary of Learning- EC&I 831

As someone who spends lots of time finding ways to incorporate games into the classroom, I thought “What better way to summarize my own learning?” After reflecting on the course EC&I 831, I am delighted to have been able to experience and learn more about social media and open education. Why a Board Game? MyContinue reading “Summary of Learning- EC&I 831”

Learning Project- Weeks #7,8,9

I am almost at the end of my learning project! I am happy with my progress and I really think this has helped me keep accountable! However, I would still like really like to work on having a better relationship with food before this class ends. I am a bit disappointed with weeks #7,8,9, butContinue reading “Learning Project- Weeks #7,8,9”

Khan Academy- An OER for Educators

As a middle school teacher, I am always looking for new methods that allow my students to practice concepts in various ways. We do many lessons and games on paper, but I have been trying to use technology more and more every year! My class adores using computers and I find there are many skillsContinue reading “Khan Academy- An OER for Educators”

Knowledge is Power! But Then Why is it so Out of Reach? My Thoughts on Open Education

Coincidently, the same day we first spoke about open education and open education resources (OER) in our EC&I 831 class was also the day I spoke to my students about how to correctly use photos found online for their science project. We had a discussion about crediting photos, not copying and pasting, and crediting theContinue reading “Knowledge is Power! But Then Why is it so Out of Reach? My Thoughts on Open Education”

Learning Projet- Week #5 and #6

Hello! I haven’t changed very much since weeks #3 and #4, but I still wanted to talk about a few things that have been on my mind. I find myself in a great spot when it comes to exercising this far into my learning project. The weather has been great to run every weekend. IContinue reading “Learning Projet- Week #5 and #6”

Learning Project: Week #3 and #4

Hello! Here’s a mini update of what happened in week #3. I did not change much from the previous week, as I found it to be working well. I continued waking up at 5:45 to do some RingFit Adventure. I also continued to pack healthy meals and was able to stay away from the staffroomContinue reading “Learning Project: Week #3 and #4”