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Major Project Update- Final Post

After spending the past 4 months finding the courage to post Tik Toks, I am ready to finish this major project! For EC&I832, I chose to try out 4 apps: Tik Tok, Instagram, Padlet, and Quizizz. Please check out my 3 updates to see what happened during this project before reading the rest of myContinue reading “Major Project Update- Final Post”


Major Project Update #3- Educational Apps

The past two weeks, I have had the chance to try 2 educational apps. In my final major project update (which will be posted in about two weeks), I will talk more about the deep dive I am taking with these apps. For now, I want to briefly touch on the apps I tested outContinue reading “Major Project Update #3- Educational Apps”

Social Media Usage and Cyberbullying

At a young age, children are first taught simple ethics such as ” take turns, share, be kind, be honest, and help others.” As these kids grow up and go to school, they learn even more ethics like ” show respect, keep your hands to yourself, be ready to learn, and work well with others.”Continue reading “Social Media Usage and Cyberbullying”

What Does it Mean to be Digitally Literate?

If you would have asked me before I took any EdTech classes ” What does it mean to be digitally literate?” I probably would have responded with something along the lines of: ” It means you know how to use technology.” Now, I understand there is a lot more to digital literacy than being ableContinue reading “What Does it Mean to be Digitally Literate?”