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Coding and MakerSpaces

Before taking EdTech classes, I never really knew what Coding or MakerSpaces were. I had heard of these concepts, but was never really interested or took the time to understand them. After a few years in the classroom and the chance to take classes about technology, I find myself wanting to dive into activities thatContinue reading “Coding and MakerSpaces”

Assistive Technologies

The Education System has come a long way when it comes to accessibility and education rights for all. With time, assistive technologies have become more known, more advanced, and at times, more attainable so that everyone can have access to an education. Assistive technologies have changed many lives, have made learning possible, and have allowedContinue reading “Assistive Technologies”

Assessment Technology Review-PearDeck

Since this was my week to present, I decided to test out a platform I had never used before. A couple weeks ago, I gave Pear Deck a try. I presented to my classmates a rundown on this assessment technology during class, but I wanted to go more in-depth on how it works in thisContinue reading “Assessment Technology Review-PearDeck”

Online Tools in and Out of the Classroom

I first tried online learning when I took a high school biology class on my school’s television. We were a small school, so some of our options were to be taught classes by teachers in other schools. This was in 2012 when there were not as many tools for online education as there are now.Continue reading “Online Tools in and Out of the Classroom”

How Much Productivity Is Too Much Productivity? Multitasking vs. Singletasking

I’m a multitasker. I’ve always been a multitasker. If I’m watching tv, I’m scrolling, coloring, painting, or solving a Rubik’s cube. If I’m cooking, I’m listening to music or reading between breaks. If I’m on prep, I struggle to focus on one task at a time. Why does this happen? Is it me being distractedContinue reading “How Much Productivity Is Too Much Productivity? Multitasking vs. Singletasking”

” Have You Ever Even Been In A Classroom?”

Now that I am a teacher, I ask myself the question ” have you ever even been in the classroom?” very often. This quote to my mind when I started thinking about how some people may not have the same idea about the use of technology in schools if they have never dealt taught withContinue reading “” Have You Ever Even Been In A Classroom?””

Making My Way Through Educational Theories: Before, Then, and Now

I didn’t really take into account many educational theories until I started my first year of teaching. Learning about educational theories at University didn’t really mean much until I actually got to us them in the classroom. Now, 5 years into my career, I find myself shifting through educational theories with more and more experience.