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Major Project- Quizizz

Who doesn’t love a good classroom game to review? I sure do! I was first introduced to Quizizz by my students earlier this year. I was a bit confused as to why they were using it during tech time until I found out they were making quizzes to test each other. I had tried Blooket already but my students told me that this was better. I had also heard rumours that Kahoot was making their free version only playable by 10 people ( it’s true). What better time than to try it out for my major project!

Here’s how this post will go:

  • General Overview
  • Legal Page
  • How I used it during my major project/ educational value and usage
  • My final thoughts

General Overview

Quizizz is an educational quiz website that was founded in India back in 2015. It allows users to play quizzes or create their own. It allows teachers to assign quizzes for revision in the classroom. Teachers can choose from a variety of quizzes or they may make their own. They may also assign lessons to their students in various subject areas. After, teachers have access to reports to keep an eye on how their students are doing with concepts. Quizizz has a free version, but they also allow you to upgrade to a super membership for $8 (US dollars) a month. With the super membership, you have access to more premade quizzes and an unlimited amount of quizzes you can create. As of December 2020, there were 65 million active users.


I had a hard time finding access to the legal side of Quizizz on their site. I had to google it and then I found their privacy policy and terms of services.

Privacy Policy

Here are some important points in their policy:

  • They don’t use your information unless necessary. They delete it once you delete your account.
  • They make sure students are safe ( no need to create an account to join a game, quizzes are filtered out and reported if there’s inappropriate content, no direct messaging between students)
  • Parents have the right to access student accounts under the age of 13.

Terms of Services

Here are some key points in their terms of services:

  • Eligibility (different settings for under 13)
  • You are responsible for what happens on your account
  • You are responsible for the content you create
  • Do not post any prohibited content ( ex: harassment, copyrighted, promoting criminal activity, etc)
  • Quizizz cannot review everything on their site, they are not responsible for the content posted by others

How I used it during my major project/Educational value and usage

I didn’t really have the chance to try Quizizz before I had my class play together. They were the ones to suggest it so they taught me!

Quizizz allows for two modes: They have the classic way where the question is put on the board. However, they offer another version where students play independently and the rankings are shown on the board. We have tried both and I like the variation! I appreciate the fact that with the independent version, I can have two quizzes being played at once since I have a split grade class.

If you do not have time ( which teachers rarely ever do!) you can pick quizzes that are already made. There are so many and even in French! If you do have the time, Quizizz offers really great options when making a quiz. You can pick the type of question (there are plenty!!), add the time, and add pictures, videos, and audio. There’s even an option to pick questions from other quizzes on the site to add them to your quiz.

This app is the most useful to me when it comes to revising concepts, especially in Math. It’s a great way to review or play when there’s some extra time in your day. I can use it before a test to revise, during units to see if my students understand the concepts, and even have them try out lessons. After, the reports are there for me to see who needs more practice in specific areas.

Final Thoughts

Even though it was difficult to find the legal pages for Quizizz, everything else was smooth sailing! This app is a hit with my students and with me. I don’t have to worry too much about privacy or legal issues ( unless they come across some inappropriate quizzes since this was made for young students. (I’ve only come across some mild meme quizzes) My students always ask to play ( even if it’s to review math!) I love how I can pick a quiz or make my own with so many variations. I also love having that report when they are finished.

Are you a teacher that loves playing revision games in your classroom?


2 thoughts on “Major Project- Quizizz

  1. I love Quizizz! I’m so glad other people are using it, students do love it. The new features that they recently added make adapting to different needs in the classroom much easier. Personally my favorite is the drawing tool and shared whiteboard. Do you use this as summative or formative assessment?


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